Our Mission

We want to protect the environment and community of Oklahoma. We want to keep Oklahoma green and promote healthy living. We address various issues related to environment and community and try to solve the problem. We also encourage the people in the community to be aware of the roles they play to protect the environment they live in.

There are lots of environmental issues that need to be addressed. Traffic, water contamination, cutting trees, killing animals, etc. are important topics that we consider.


We make people aware of the increasing levels of pollution through various community activities. We visit schools and tell them about the harmful effects of pollution. We organize events like cycling competition to promote a healthy way of living. We have ‘Clean Day’ once a month where we ask people to volunteer and clean their neighborhood. It’s a fun-filled event, and people enjoy being on the street together and cleaning. Every month we volunteer to visit factories and check what measures they have taken to reduce their level of pollution.

Water quality

We test the quality of our drinking water every six months to check that it is safe for people to drink. We organize awareness programs for parents to tell them why it is important that the children drink fresh water.

Saving forests

We take action against those who cut trees for unnecessarily. We promote planting trees. We conduct tree planting events in schools and communities.

Protect animals

We work towards protecting the natural habitat. We act against the unlawful killing of animals simply for fun. We try to provide the animals with a natural environment where they can live.

We want the people living in Oklahoma to have a safe and healthy life. We try to engage them in various environmental and community activities so that they know their responsibilities.